If you like to train, do it under a supervision of the best. Take individual or group training sessions under a supervision of the table tennis champion – Lucjan Blaszczyk.
If you already have basic skills and want to further improve on them – you have the best opportunity. A personal session is the best way to improve your table tennis skills. Program is always adjusted to the actual potential and level of yuor skills.

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Nowe Terminy Obozów Lato 2023

In group you feel better. Group activities are great opportunity to mix pleasant with useful. Apart from learning table tennis skills, group training session teaches healthy competitiveness, cooperativeness, gives possible to play in the group of your peers and of the similar skill’s level. This is opportunity to make new sports friends. Thanks to qualified coaches, and their experience, the participants can develop own skills during professional training sessions.
Common learning is easier.
  • optimal training conditions
  • multiball training
  • experienced coaches
  • the most modern training methods
  • tactical training
  • video analysis
  • training system, modern playing systems
  • tactics
  • adjusting training methods to player’s skills and potential
  • training for disabled and wheelchair players
  • possibility of booking individual training session

During training camps we will improve technical skills that are important for gaining the best results possible. Attractive and professionally prepared activities for the group will be beneficial in training.The most modern training system will ensure the highest level of our training camps which will consider the issues of modern game strategy, multiball training, tactics and technical skills. Friendly atmosphere in the Drzonkow sport’s center will ensure and enable the players good recovery, making new friends and sharing experience.

The Academy offers training activities during week (from Monday to Friday) and during weekends with full hospitality in Drzonkow.

Systematic training is the key to success.

Full package of activities from Monday to Friday with full hospitality in Drzonkow.

Professional training environment, supervision of professional coaches, recovery center.